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      發布日期:2016-09-05 00:00


      Established in 1992, Sundan offers a seamless online and offline shopping experience which specialized inelectrical appliances. Sundan builds a good reputation and high-end brand image among the industry and customers because of mid to high-end positioning and products range.


      Stock Name: Sundan    Stock Code: 831321



      Business Scope:


             Sundans annual revenue is over RMB 3 billion and mainly focuses on 3 parts:

      l   順電網上商城:順電網上商城作為順電非常重要的業務部分,為顧客提供與實體門店同等優質服務,顧客可隨時隨地享受順電產品和服務。

           Online store: as a very important part of the Sundan, it strives to provide superior service whichs equivalent of the physical store for the customer. Customers can enjoy Sundans products and services at anytime and anywhere.

      l   順電:目前在全國20多個一、二線城市,擁有40多家大型電器實體門店。

           Physical stores: over 40 physical stores in over 20 cities (both first and second tire cities) of mainland China.

      l   設鄉味:主要高端家居產品,目前在全國10多個城市擁有20多家實體門店。

           Household physical stores: Share and Relish mainly sells premium household products with more than 20 stores in over 10 cities.





      Focus on the high-end electrical appliances; strive to be the biggest high-end electrical appliances store with excellent service for the high-end consumers.


      As the necessity of our daily life, the increase of the customer needs results in the abundance of the product supply. The retail industry is involved in price competition. Now, Sundan aims to solve the problems arise from the price competition.

      l   出于價格、促銷干擾,消費者不知如何選擇好產品或符合自己需求商品。

        The customer has no idea how to choose the best appropriate products due to the disturbance of price competition and sales promotion.

      l   商品和品牌選擇越來越多,需在不同商品之間比較,選擇過程越來越復雜,不知選擇什么產品。

      The customer needs to compare different products among so many choices. The complication makes it harder for consumer to make a final decision.

      l   商品質量優劣參差不齊,對于不熟悉產品的消費者來說,購買時冒很大風險,并且影響后期使用。

      Quality difference will result in risk and bad using experience after the purchase, especially for those inexperienced customers. 

      l   對于高端用戶,很少有購買放心、選擇簡單、符合自己需求的購物場所。

           For the high-end customers, seldom can they find a place to meet their specific needs and where they can feel safe and conformable to buy.





              High income groups like successful men, well-educated, white collars and trendsetters, etc.





             Focus on the high-end electrical appliances with the following features:

      l   以國際品牌、進口商品、新科技、新品等高端商品為主。

           The high-end products like international brand, imported products, new tech and new arrivals.

      l   對改善健康、提升生活品質的健康產品、生活小家電、多功能性產品。

           Health products, small appliances and multi-functional products feature in improving peoples health and living quality.

      l   滿足老人、小孩、發燒友、專業人士、潮流人士的個性產品。

           Special products meet the needs of gray hairs, children, fanciers and trendsetters.



      Service Guarantee:

      l   100%正品行貨:享受與實體門店同等貨源保障,所有商品均通過正規渠道采購。

           100% authentic licensed; enjoy the same guarantee as the physical store. All products are legally purchased.

      l   門店發貨、門店提貨:順電優先選擇通過門店為顧客發貨、顧客也可選擇所在城市的門店提貨。

           Delivery and Pick up: Sundan will deliver the goods prior through physical stores or customers can choose to pick up at the nearest physical store.

      l   全國聯保:順電網上商城所售產品提供全國聯保,可憑發票選擇廠家售后點享受保修服務。

           Nationwide quality assurance: whereas warranty service is required, customers shall show the presentation of the invoice.

      l   30天退換貨:在順電網上商城所售產品提供30天退換貨服務,詳見細則。

           Changing or Refunding: we provide changing and refunding service within 30 days from the date of your purchase. Please see the details for reference.

      l   順電員工送貨上門:部分城市可由順電員工送貨上門,并上門為顧客演示如何使用。

           Delivery door to door: some cities enjoy the delivery door to door service and our Sundan staff will demonstrate how to use the product.